00NT050Lenovo ServicePac On-Site RepairSoftware (Software)Lenovo470,–
00X85533 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 4 Hour ResponseSoftware (Software)Lenovo1.485,–
01-SSC-6526Global Management Systems E-C SWS For 5 nodes 3 yearSoftware (Software)Sonicwall279,–
01-SSC-7680Global Management System 5 nodes Software LicenseSoftware (Software)Sonicwall1.080,–
021-10554OfficeStd 2016 SNGL OLP NLSoftware (Software)Microsoft398,–
1084430Innovaphone V9 Port-Lic max. 20 gebruikersSoftware (Software)Innovaphone36,–
1084456Innovaphone V9 Voicemail-Lic min. 1Software (Software)Innovaphone5,–
14075310Licence-upgrade 30 to 150 users Dect Server 2500Software (Software)Spectralink585,–
14075520Spectralink Multi Cell License

Webshop » Software » SoftwareSpectralink Multi Cell LicenseSoftware (Software)Spectralink199,–
228-04560SQL Server Standaard Software Assurance OLPSoftware (Software)Microsoft509,–
228-04615SQL Server Standaard 2014 Incl. SASoftware (Software)Microsoft1.534,–
228-10817SQL Server Standaard 2016Software (Software)Microsoft1.020,–
228-11135SQL Server Standaard 2017Software (Software)Microsoft1.020,–
269-16805Microsoft Office Professional 2016Software (Software)Microsoft405,–
2XRAS2X Remote Application Server- per concurrent userSoftware (Software)2X55,–
312-02198ExchgSvrStd 2016 SNGL OLP NL incl. SASoftware (Software)Microsoft1.214,–
312-04349ExchgSvrStd 2016 SNGL OLP NLSoftware (Software)Microsoft815,–
312-04405Microsoft Exchange Server - StandardSoftware (Software)Microsoft850,–
359-00998SQL standaard user CAL incl. SASoftware (Software)Microsoft357,–
359-01005SQLCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP NL UsrCALSoftware (Software)Microsoft355,–
359-06322SQL Server Standaard User CALSoftware (Software)Microsoft238,–
359-06557SQL Server Standaard 2017 User CALSoftware (Software)Microsoft238,–
381-03386Exchange Server Standaard Device Cal's incl. SASoftware (Software)Microsoft149,–
381-03397Exchange Standaard User CAL incl. SASoftware (Software)Microsoft149,–
381-04398ExchgStdCAL 2016 SNGL OLP NL UsrCALSoftware (Software)Microsoft99,–
381-04492Microsoft Exchange Standard CAL - User CalSoftware (Software)Microsoft105,–
40238MS Windows 8 PRO 32/64b ESD onlineSoftware (Software)Microsoft99,–
40793Windows 10 Home 32/64b

Webshop » Software » SoftwareWindows 10 Home 32/64bSoftware (Software)Microsoft
49Y4798Flex System Fabric EN4093 10Gb Scalable Switch (Upgrade 1)Software (Software)Lenovo1.300,–
512485-B21HP ILO adv. 1 server incl. 1 jaar service swSoftware (Software)Hewlett Packard50,–
6VC-03224Windows Server Remote Desktop CAL (userbased)Software (Software)Microsoft150,–
6VC-03803Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services 2019 user CALSoftware (Software)Microsoft195,–
6VC-03805Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services 2019 5-user CALSoftware (Software)Microsoft785,–
701605-A21Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services user CAL's 5-pack

Webshop » Software » SoftwareMicrosoft Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services user CAL's 5-packSoftware (Software)Microsoft620,–
748919-B21HP Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials EditionSoftware (Software)Hewlett Packard320,–
748921-B21HP Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 StandardSoftware (Software)Microsoft550,–
79G-03602Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013Software (Software)Microsoft107,–
79G-04294Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016

Webshop » Software » SoftwareMicrosoft Office Home & Student 2016Software (Software)Microsoft123,–
79G-05018Office Home and Student 2019Software (Software)Microsoft118,–
80137Windows 10 Pro 32/64 refurbished OEMSoftware (Software)Microsoft79,–
871148-B21Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition - (HP)Software (Software)Microsoft690,–
871177-A21Microsoft Windows Server 2016 5 user CAL'sSoftware (Software)Microsoft170,–
871232-A21Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services 2016 5-user CALSoftware (Software)Microsoft660,–
9EM-00124Windows Server 2016 StandaardSoftware (Software)Microsoft126,–
9EM-00626Microsoft Windows Server STD CORE - 16LicensesSoftware (Software)Microsoft750,–
AAA-02782Microsoft Office Professional 2013

Webshop » Software » SoftwareMicrosoft Office Professional 2013Software (Software)Microsoft416,–
BD505AHPE Integrated Lights Out Advanced

Webshop » Software » SoftwareHPE Integrated Lights Out AdvancedSoftware (Software)Hewlett Packard235,–
BD710AVMw vSphere Std 1P 1yr SWSoftware (Software)Hewlett Packard142,–
Bitdefender NieuwBitdefender 1 jaarSoftware (Software)Brainwork Systems22,–
Bitdefender variabelBitdefender variabel

Webshop » Software » SoftwareBitdefender variabelSoftware (Software)Brainwork Systems1,84
BSFIV300a-a5Barracuda Email Security Gateway 300Vx % Year advanced Threat DetectionSoftware (Software)Barracuda
CPSB-NGTP-640-1YNext Generation Threat Prevention Blades Package for 1 year for 640 ApplianceSoftware (Software)Checkpoint136,–
CSPoffice365businessOffice 365 Business per maand per user

Webshop » Software » SoftwareOffice 365 Business per maand per userSoftware (Software)Microsoft8,80
CSPoffice365exchangeExchange Online Abonnement 1Software (Software)Microsoft3,40
D86-05710Visio Standaard 2016Software (Software)Microsoft285,–
emclientEM client + lifetime updateSoftware (Software)Fastspring119,–
EP2F3CTAAEndpoint Protection Advanced 25-49 users 36 maanden RenewalSoftware (Software)3Com119,50
EP2G3TCAASophos Endpoint Protection Advanced - 50-99 USERS - 36 MOS - RENEWALSoftware (Software)Sophos70,–
ESETEND3YREndpoint Protection Standard (bundel) 3 jaarSoftware (Software)Eset64,–
ESFDAPROESF Database Migration Toolkit - Professional Edition + 1 year free upgrade &Software (Software)270,–
exclaimer100Exclaimer 100 usersSoftware (Software)Exclaimer799,–
FQC-04648Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit DVD OEM NLSoftware (Software)Microsoft132,–
FQC-07333Windows 8.1 ProSoftware (Software)Microsoft210,–

Webshop » Software » SoftwareFQSoftware (Software)Microsoft135,–
FQC-09131Windows 10 Pro ESDSoftware (Software)Microsoft140,–
GFIArchiver_monthGFI Mailarchiver 25 - 49 usersSoftware (Software)GFI5,–
GFISMA10GFI MailArchiver - 10 Mailboxes - 3 yearSoftware (Software)GFI299,–
GFISMA65-2GFI MailArchiver - 65 Mailboxes - 2 yearSoftware (Software)GFI1.065,–
GZA-00220Microsoft Office Home and Student

Webshop » Software » SoftwareMicrosoft Office Home and StudentSoftware (Software)Microsoft107,–
GZA-00697Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Student 2016

Webshop » Software » SoftwareMicrosoft Office for Mac Home & Student 2016Software (Software)Microsoft124,–
LIC-CAM-NAS-2CHHardware licensing for QNAP Turbo NAS camera upgrade 2 to 4Software (Software)QNap115,–
LIC-CAM-NVR-2CHHardware licensing for QNAP VioStor camera upgrade 2 to 4Software (Software)QNap88,–
MAR50-249-3YArchiver 50-249, 3 jaarSoftware (Software)GFI33,–
NAVIONICS_EURNavionics Boating  Europa HD

Webshop » Software » SoftwareNavionics Boating  Europa HDSoftware (Software)Navionics59,–
P00487-B21Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition - 16 cores - HP bios blokkadeSoftware (Software)Microsoft650,–
P11058-B21Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard EditionSoftware (Software)Hewlett Packard730,–
P11065-A21Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition 4-core licenseSoftware (Software)Hewlett Packard204,–
P73-06164Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (NL)Software (Software)Microsoft750,–
P73-06284Windows Server Standaard 2012 R2Software (Software)Microsoft950,–
P73-06285Windows Server Standaard 2012 R2Software (Software)Microsoft999,–
POS READY 7Windows 7 Embedded POSReady 7

Webshop » Software » SoftwareWindows 7 Embedded POSReady 7Software (Software)Microsoft125,–
PVM-S1-N3Password Vault Manager Enterprise (Single License) (3 year maintenance)Software (Software)68,–
QLF-00067Microsoft Windows 7 Pro Refurbished PC'sSoftware (Software)Microsoft95,–
QLICCAM4Qnap Licentie NAS 4 camera'sSoftware (Software)QNap210,–
R18-04281Windows Server CAL 2012 UserSoftware (Software)Microsoft44,–
R18-05123Windows Server user CAL'sSoftware (Software)Microsoft43,–
R18-05848Microsoft Windows Server 2019 user CALSoftware (Software)Microsoft42,–
R18-05867Microsoft Windows Server 2019 5-user CAL

Webshop » Software » SoftwareMicrosoft Windows Server 2019 5-user CALSoftware (Software)Microsoft199,–
RDM-S1-N1Remote Desktop Manager Ent. (Single license) (1 year maintenance) per licentieSoftware (Software)Brainwork Systems87,55
RDM-S1-N3Remote Desktop Manager Ent. (Single license) (3 year maintenance) per licentieSoftware (Software)Brainwork Systems165,–